Zeff is an impulsive young man. He retains a childlike sense of wonder (and serious lack of boundaries). He means well, but often gets himself into trouble (especially through his persona, The Thonged Avenger). He knows deep down that there is more to him than meets the eye. He's about to discover just how right he is.


Ione has been Zeff's friend since childhood. They are roommates and treat each other like brother and sister. Zeff's impulsive nature aggravates Ione, but she knows he has good intentions. Ione searches for her path in life through spiritual means, but has become jaded with organized religion.


Zeff and Ione don't know much about Sonny yet, except that he seems to be a bit of a con artist. Sonny tries to act cool under any circumstances, but has a deep fear of letting people too close.


Potentially the best sidekick ever, if only she'd come out from under the bed.